Warranty and Conditions

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Coolmix has got you covered with our easy warranty policy. All purchases come with our sweet warranty and delivery terms and conditions that apply automatically to your purchase. By making the purchase, you agree to these conditions. You will have at least 21 days to report any functional issues, and we'll take care of it. The warranty period starts once we ship your order.

After the buyer has placed the order and confirmed the invoice, the order will be processed. Note that once the order has been confirmed, changes or cancellations cannot be made.

Money Matters

All purchases require prepayment, and we do not offer credit to customers. Payment must be made within 24 hours of receiving the invoice. Orders will only be shipped after full payment has been received. If the buyer has multiple orders at the same time, a deposit payment is required. Please note that credit notes are not paid out, but can be applied to the next order.

Shipments & Delivery

Coolmix provides estimated delivery times for reference only. Therefore, any specified delivery estimates or times are not considered as strict deadlines. If there is a delay in delivery, Coolmix will inform the Buyer of the delay and provide them with updated delivery estimates. Exceeding the estimated delivery will not result in Coolmix default or liability.

Deliveries from Coolmix to the Buyer are always uninsured. Unless otherwise agreed. If the buyer considers this liability limits insufficient, then buyer may issue a special value declaration and request insurance. Coolmix can provide this additional insurance to cover the value of the shipment in case of loss or damage. Coolmix is allowed to make partial deliveries of the products included in the Agreement. The delivery costs will be separately indicated by Coolmix when the Agreement is made. Coolmix and the Buyer may decide to have the order picked up by one of the Buyer's carriers (DHL, UPS, FedEx) upon consultation.

Please be aware that all shipments are made based on ExWorks (Incoterms), which implies that the buyer is responsible for the shipment from the point of origin to the point of destination. All associated costs and liabilities are therefore borne by the buyer.


Coolmix does not assume responsibility or liability for any customs procedures that may occur, whether they are carried out in the Buyer's country or the country of the Buyer.

Coolmix exclusively offers previously used phones in multiple quality classifications, including AA+, AB, DPA, DNB, and Apple ASIS. Our website and YouTube channel provide details of our grading standards, We highly recommend that our customers carefully review these grading standards with our terms and conditions before placing an order with us.

We do not accept phones with an Apple ID lock (iCloud Lock) returned. Removing warranty stickers will invalidate the warranty. Unauthorised RMA returns will be rejected and will incur charges. Phones with non-functional issues will not be processed. We are unable to process RMA related to color preferences since the colors of our products are sold in mixed.

Please keep in mind that we can only process RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) phones that meet the functional RMA requirements. The following categories of phones cannot be accepted as RMA: phones intended for resale to end customers, phones that have been graded, phones without power (if the issue was not reported within 48 hours of receiving the phone), phones with battery messages or battery percentage issues, phones that have been repaired, phones with LCD Truetone issues, and phones with camera spots.

Our warranty does not cover damages such as dents, broken parts, scuffs, dirt, and dust. Additionally, we are unable to accept phones with iCloud activation, also it's important to keep in mind that removing the warranty stickers will result in the warranty being voided.

Our warranty is good for 21 days from when the shipping courier picks up your order. If you want to return a product, make sure to do it within that 21-day period. After that, we can't accept returns, and the warranty will no longer be valid. To return a product, you'll need to get authorization from us first. If you don't, we'll have to send it back to you, and you'll be charged €15 per device. Don't worry, though—we'll give you a special RMA number for your return. Once we receive it, we'll either repair or replace your Coolmix product.

In addition to these shortened warranty and delivery conditions, you also agree to our general conditions, which are updated and presented on our website www.coolmix.eu!

Return Policy and Coverage

we got you covered

'we got you covered'

We try to make it as easy as possible for you. That is why we provide a minimum of 21 days guarantee on functional problems to sold phones. The warranty period starts when the order has been invoiced by Coolmix.

See below for more information.

  • 21 Days functional warranty
  • Our phones are data wiped (Ready to sell)
  • Clean ESN / No iCloud / MDM Free / No FRP
  • Software/Hardwware checked
  • Face ID & Touch ID Guranteed
  • We sell only under Reverse VAT
  • We provide mixed colour, except agreed in advance
  • No warranty to your end consumers or resell
  • No warranty for 'no power' on used phones
  • No warranty on grading after 48h of receiving
  • No warranty are provided on battery percentage (%)
  • No warranty on dents, broken, scuffs, dirt and dusts
  • No warranty if our devices have been opened or repaired
  • No warranty provided on camera spots or NFC
  • No warranty on camera, LCD & battery messages
  • No warranty on Apple ASIS

Coolmix cannot be held responsible for any misunderstandings, delays, or errors in the transmission of orders and communications due to the use of the internet or other communication methods between Coolmix and the Buyer, unless there is clear evidence of intentional wrongdoing or gross negligence on our part. If you have any complaints about our services or employees, please send an email to info@coolmix.eu. Rest assured, we will respond to your email within 24 hours.There is a chance that your order may include approximately 5% refurbished phones. Please be aware that we do not offer any extra services or warranties for these devices.

Only Dutch law applies to agreements between the entrepreneur and the customer that fall under these general terms and conditions.

Disputes about a contract that cannot be settled amicably will be put before the competent court of the district in which the trader is located. The trader and the client can agree to settle their disputesby means of binding advice or arbitrage.

Coolmix is a registered trademark of Mix Parts B.V.

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