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About Coolmix®

‘If you're looking for a supplier who will treat you like family!’
Looking for a trusted and a reliable supplier? Coolmix® is the hottest spot for distributors and consumer electronic retailers. We offer access to a massive inventory, ensuring that you'll never run out of the latest phones. Our secret to success? We're just being real and honest, and that's what makes us cool. You will love us!

is our highest value

Over the past ten years, we've established our reputation and solid client connections by being truthful and open. We don't make commitments we can't honor, and we don't take orders we can't fulfill.

We freely share our expertise.

We have a team of friendly and knowledgeable experts who are well-versed in both existing and emerging markets, product launches, and market volatility. They're always ready to assist you in getting the devices you need at the most competitive prices.

Your success is
important to us.

At Coolmix, we believe that having a strategic partner who is invested in your success is crucial. That's why we take the time to get to know your company and its customers before providing solutions that can help you boost loyalty and profits.

Why Coolmix?

Coolmix® is a trusted leader in the resale of high-quality, certified pre-owned iPhones. With a focus on delivering exceptional value, reliability, and sustainability, we provide a platform where individuals and businesses can buy affordable, thoroughly tested, and original pre-owned iPhones.


Trusted Cooperation

Coolmix is a top-rated global platform for wholesale distributors, retailers, and repair facilities of used iPhones.


Personal Service

Our team of customer service representatives is dedicated and available 24/7 to promptly address and resolve any concerns you may have.


Large Assortment

Our inventory is constantly evolving and includes a diverse selection of iPhone models, ensuring that we can meet your specific needs.


Best Grading

All our phones are graded, and tested with the highest standards. We check all aspects such as screen, battery, durability, and cosmetics.

All our devices checked
& inspected by experts




SIM & Wifi


Speaker &
sound system

Battery condition

Jack / Charger

And many more ...

Our Workflow Process.

We buy used iPhones directly from well-known carriers and manufacturers, then test, grade & store them in our warehouse.


We buy used iPhones from major trusted carriers and manufactures and then test, grade, and store them in our warehouse.



Each unit is received, entered into our system, and assigned a unique IMEI label, allowing us to know its status at anytime.



Our proprietary software communicates with our data sanitization partner via an open API to confirm data destruction before it leaves the safe region.



To guarantee that the gadget is fully functional, it is subjected to a comprehensive 50-point software and hardware diagnostic process.



To ensure precise and consistent quality across all distribution platforms, each unit is meticulously graded in accordance with industry standards.



Upgrading to the latest version of iOS software provides the latest features, security updates, and bug fixes.


Final Check

Our experts will check and inspect devices - One by one again.



Our staff can transport your purchases anywhere in the world within 24 hours of payment via one of our global network of carriers.

Our Grading

Our grading and triage requirements are the most stringent in the industry, so you won't be disappointed if you buy from us.

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  • Like a new condition
  • Very light sign of use are possible
  • 30 Days of warranty provided
  • Tested by Apple Authorised software
ionicons-v5-e ionicons-v5-e ionicons-v5-e ionicons-v5-e ionicons-v5-e
  • Light blemishes on the screen are possible
  • Hairline scratches or scuffs on back of phone
  • Possible scuff on LCD bezel
  • 30 Days of warranty provided

Our Leadership

Coolmix CEO Ajmal Gholzad

Ajmal Gholzad - Chief Executive Officer

'A natural-born entrepreneur, is the mastermind behind Coolmix.'

Ajmal Gholzad, a natural-born entrepreneur, is the mastermind behind Coolmix. Together with his team of talented youngsters, he has turned Coolmix into a multi-million dollar empire. With a focus on implementing innovative strategies, generating fresh ideas, and prioritizing automation, Ajmal is constantly busy.

Coolmix Managing Director Belal Baraqzi

Belal Baraqzi - Managing Director

'An inspiring leader who is loved by everyone.'

Ajmal and Belal have been best friends since they were 8 years old and still maintain a strong bond. As the General Director, Belal is responsible for overseeing every aspect of the business, from managing operations and coordinating shipments to ensuring a seamless operation.

Coolmix Managing Director Belal Baraqzi


Managing Director

Coolmix Chief Operating Officer Abdullah Afzaly


Chief Operating Officer

Coolmix Chief Sales Officer Aliarian Adil


Chief Sales Officer

Coolmix Management Assistant Nadiya Boudfel


Management Assistant

Coolmix Sales Executive Micheal Jhan Makdsi


Sales Executive

Coolmix Head of Marketing Mufeez


Head of Marketing

Coolmix Senior Web Developer Yacine


Senior Web Developer

Coolmix Chief Finance Imran Mahsood


Chief Finance

Coolmix Senior Accountant Adham Ossama


Senior Accountant

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